The research agenda is decided and guided by the Training, Research Advisory Committee (TRAC) comprising eminent conservationists, academicians and representatives of scientific organizations as well as state wildlife organizations, which ensures that research conforms to the national conservation priorities. The TRAC meets twice a year to oversee and review the ongoing research and set the tone for future programmes.

Criteria and Priorities

Broadly, the following are the criteria and priorities for research:

  • Adoption of a multi-disciplinary landscape approach involving studies of ecological, biological and socio-economic parameters related to ecosystems/species.
  • Preference to studies in potentially fragile ecosystems, specially those facing or in imminent threat of degradation.
  • Preference to 'indicator' and highly endangered species.
  • Studies leading to standardization of methods and techniques for research and management.
  • Studies addressing people’s needs and involvement, particularly in relation to those inhabiting protected areas or their surrounds, with a view to ensuring compatibility.
  • Also, consultancies in fields such as wildlife related impact assessment of development projects, captive breeding, zoo management, capture and translocation of animals, animal health monitoring, eco-development, production of AV material, setting up of visitor centres in parks including studies to establish techniques for such tasks.

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