Dr. Malvika Onial is a scientist at the UNESCO C2 Centre on World Natural Heritage for Asia and the Pacific, Wildlife Institute of India (WII). With an academic background in conservation science and the environment, she holds Masters degrees in Environmental Assessment and Evaluation from the London School of Economics and the University of Delhi and a Ph.D. in conservation biology from the University of Cambridge. Malvika’s work and research interests concern the analysis of relationships between human activities and biodiversity, bird ecology, national and international conservation frameworks for biodiversity and natural heritage, urban ecology and environmental assessment. At the UNESCO Centre in WII, her work involves developing and conducting research on World Natural Heritage conservation; contributing to strengthening of capacities in natural heritage management and fostering international cooperation on natural heritage initiatives; and working with the public especially the youth to participate in world heritage protection.

She has worked intensively on the reporting for the Convention on Biological Diversity(CBD), updating India’s National Biodiversity Action Plan and on global and national biodiversity targets and biodiversity indicators. She has been working on assessment of funding for biodiversity conservation and resource mobilization and is part of the BIOFIN-India initiative// a co-investigator in the BIOFIN-India project.