Captive Breeding and Zoo Management


The ever increasing threats to natural ecosystems has caused several habitats and thereby species to become severely threatened with extinction. Faced with this extinction Captive Breedingcrisis the ex-situ conservation of threatened species is an alternative that has relevance in the present context. Zoos today function not only as venues for exhibition of animals and education of the visiting public but also as centers of conservation and research.
Zoo Management
The Captive Breeding and Zoo Management Cell has been instrumental in developing capacities of personnel involved in captive management and has organized several training programs in collaboration with Central Zoo Authority. We also cater to the needs of the Indian zoo community in providing technical assistance to zoos for captive population management, developing suitable species specific housing and provide technical advice to the Ministry of Environment and Forests GoI and state forest departments.


Development and Maintenance of Studbooks for Selected Endangered Faunal Types in Indian Zoos 
Studies on Housing and Enclosure Enrichment of Some Species in Selected Indian Zoos


  • Dr. Parag Nigam, Scientist F, Nodal Officer (email: nigamp [at] wii [dot] gov [dot] in )


  • Dr Anupam Srivastav, Research Associate
  • Ms Manjari Malviya, Technical Assistant
  • Shri Sitendu Goswami, Junior Research Fellow