Completed Projects


Wildlife Science is an upcoming discipline in India. It is essentially field based, multidisciplinary and applied in nature. The interspersion of human habitation through the forests all over the country and the subsistence pressures of local demands on them, as well as the insidious pressures of the market economy add a new and important dimensions to this science, both in relation to protected areas as well as wildlife outside the protected area system.

One of the work objectives of WII is to strengthen the countrywide conservation effort through generation of scientific information and creating a trained manpower base of biologists, wildlife ecologists, socio-economists and managers.

Towards this, it undertakes extensive research in ecological, biological, management and socio-economic aspects of wildlife conservation. WII’s research programme also helps keep the Institute’s faculty abreast of current field situations, management needs and research trends at all time. This ensures that its own inputs and teaching methodologies are constantly updated.

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