Team Profile


Principal Investigator:

Prof. Qamar Qureshi

Co-Principal Investigator:
Dr. Vishnupriya Kolipakam


Dr. S.A. Hussain

Dr. Ruchi Badola

Dr. Bitapi C. Sinha


Dr. Abdul Wakid:

I did (2000-2004) my Ph. D. (2000-2004) on the studies of Ganges River Dolphin in Upper stretches of Brahmaputra River. Then I worked as a Head of the Dolphin Research and Conservation Division at Aaranyak in 2005-15 and worked extensively on the conservation of Gangetic dolphins of Brahmaputra river system during that time. I received total 12 grants from 10 different international funding agencies (CLP, RSGF, IUCN, EOCA, IUCN-SOS, Darwin Initiative, MBZSCF etc) for my works on the conservation of dolphins of Brahmaputra during 2005-15. In 2016, I joined CAMPA-Dolphin Project as a Project Scientist. I am a Member of IUCN Cetacean Specialist Group.

Shovana Ray: After completing Post Graduation in Psychology from University of Calcutta, I worked as a Research Fellow in Defence Institute of Psychological Research, under DRDO. In spite of being a registered practitioner under Rehabilitation Council of India, I was hesitant to pursue my career as professional Psychologist. Eventually, when I walked into the world of Wildlife conservation, I could associate myself better as a Social Scientist. Since last two years I am working on process of forming social perception, community profiles and oral narratives related wildlife poaching. Also I am interested in experimenting possible methods of participatory conservation efforts.

Vineet Singh:

During my Masters (Environmental Science) dissertation I first got the chance to explore the field of Ecotoxicology and witnessed the harmful effects of toxic chemicals on the environment. My doctoral work focuses on the toxicity of emerging contaminants in water bodies and their risks to the aquatic ecosystem. My research on these issues leads me to the concept of ecotoxicology and its association with conservation. To work further I joined CAMPA - Endangered Species Recovery Programme project in the year 2016 and since then I have been working on the eco-toxicological aspect of conservation for Gangetic River Dolphin and Great Indian Bustard. My current work focuses on to see the effects of emerging contaminants like endocrine disrupting compounds and Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products (PPCPs) in the rivers inhabiting by Gangetic River Dolphin. My study area also involves the habitat of Great Indian Bustard and Lesser Florican to study the effect of pesticides and other compounds on their feeds and risk associated with them.




Sajal Sharma:

The pursuit of my passion to desgin and develop various equipment got me in touch with WII. I worked as an intern for a few months under Prof. Qamar Qureshi developing various tools for aiding in data collection during field surveys, after which I joined CAMPA  “Developm ent of Conservation Action Plan for Ganges River Dolphin” as a Project Fellow and now I am working as a Project Associate (Robotics). I completed my Masters in Robotics Enginnering from University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehardun and for my dissertation, I worked with IIT Bombay on Solar Powered Autonomous Vehicles.


Project Fellow:


Sunny Deori:

I am a PhD scholar of Forest Research Institute University (FRIU), Dehradun, India and Research Centre Wildlife Institute of India (WII), Dehradun, India under the Supervision of Prof. Qamar Qureshi (Scientist- G, WII) and Dr. Abdul Wakid (Program Scientist, CAMPA- Dolphin, WII) and currently working as a Research Biologist in CAMPA- Dolphin project of WII. I am working on the “Abundance, Distribution and Pattern of Human Impacts on Gangetic dolphin (Platanista gangetica gangetica) in Kulsi River, Assam, India”.  My interest in this field generated gradually when I was involved for the first time as an intern accomplishing my Master degree project in a small tributary of Brahmaputra, Kulsi River. The challenges in study and the aquatic habitat will always fascinate me to work towards the conservation of the species.


Merin Jacob:

I have been working as project fellow in CAMPA “Development of Conservation action plan for Ganges River Dolphin” from 2017, I completed my Masters from St.Berchmans colleage, Kerala. My interests are behavioural study and biogeography. The project opened a new realm into the aquatic world for me.


Kanad Roy:

After completing Bachelor's Degree in Zoology from Asutosh College (University of Calcutta), I did my Masters from Ballygunge Science College (University of Calcutta) in Zoology with Wildlife and Conservation Biology as my core subject. My utmost interest in Urban wildlife led to pursue my dissertation on "Roosting Ecology and Behaviour of Indian Flying Fox (Pteropus giganteus) at Alipore Zoological Garden, Kolkata". My passion and love for the endangered species I saw during my childhood in river Ganges and an undying love for travel has led me to my current position as a project fellow at Wildlife Institute of India’s Endangered Species Recovery Program (CAMPA- Ganges River Dolphin Recovery Project) since 2017. Being an ecologist, in spite of working in the ecological aspect I am also involved in the sociology (community outreach) out of my sheer passion of knowing my people. My areas of interest lie in migratory patterns, habitat ecology, activity patterns and prey-predator relationship of Ganges river dolphins along with fishermen-dolphin conflict leading to the only and primary goal of Ganges river dolphin conservation.  


Gargi Roy Chourdhary:

After completing my Major from Presidency University, Kolkata I joined Forest Research Institute for Masters. I worked with WWF- India and Wildlife Institute of India as an intern for my dissertation in Human- Wildlife Conflict. I was a part of Landscape Level Great Indian Bustard Survey in Maharashtra conducted by WII in 2017. I am employed as a Project Fellow (Ecology) in the CAMPA-River Dolphin Conservation project at Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun since 2017. I work consist mostly on effect of shipping noise with respect to the acoustic habitat of river dolphins. I have special interest in birds; their breeding biology, distribution, behaviour.


Harshini Y. Jhala:

I joined WII in February 2019 as a project fellow with CAMPA “Development of Conservation Action Plan for Ganges River Dolphin”. I completed my Masters in Conservation Biology from DICE, University of Kent in 2018. My MSc Dissertation focused on the potential to reintroduce grassland mega herbivore in their historic global range. Besides mega herbivore ecology, I’m interested in understanding how they act as ecosystem engineers, ecosystem functioning and species colonization and succession.


 Ayan Dutta:

After completing my honors in zoology from Calcutta University, Kolkata I joined Pondicherry University for Masters in ecology and environmental sciences. I am employed as a Project Fellow (Ecology) in the CAMPA- River Dolphin Conservation project at Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun since2019, January.


Research Biologist:


Abhishek Bettaswamy:

Abhishek has a strong inclination to use different tools, machines and software in ecological studies. He is graduate in Engineering and later pursued Masters in Wildlife Science from Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun, India. His interest for wildlife-especially cetacean and technology led him to study the Ganges river dolphin using acoustic devices. You will find him playing video games, volleyball, fixing instruments during his past time. He is currently the Research Biologist in CAMPA Dolphin project


Aaranya Gayathri:

Aaranya Gayathri is a budding ecologist with a Masters in Wildlife Science from Wildlife Institute of India (WII), Dehradun. Prior to her masters, she has worked on projects related to freshwater and marine reptiles, plants, elephants and human-wildlife conflict for a cumulative period of 4 years with teams working at different parts of India. Her interests lie in community ecology and exploring/using new field techniques and she enjoys herping. She is currently the Research Biologist in the CAMPA Gangetic River Dolphin project at WII.


Bhavana Pant:

I pursued my Masters in Biotechnology from Graphic Era University, Dehradun. I completed my dissertation from Wildlife Institute of India, wherein I modelled the presence of Leopard in NSTR using molecular genetics as a tool. My understanding of wildlife ecology and genetics is broadened by working as a Researcher for the All India Tiger Estimation (2018-2019). This experience made me understand the population genetics of the sympatric carnivores. I am currently working in CAMPA-Dolphin Project where I will be exploring the genetics of riverine ecosystem. Working on this aspect will expand my knowledge in the field of Conservation Genetics.



After completing my graduation in Zoology from Hindu College, University of Delhi, I joined M.Sc. Environmental Studies in Department of Environmental Studies, University of Delhi. Soon after post-graduation, I joined INTACH (Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage) as a Project Associate wherein I worked on the Project ‘Rapid Assessment Survey of Ramsar Sites in India.’ It was a MoEF&CC project wherein Biodiversity Assessment, Stakeholder Assessment, Climate Change Study as well as the Value and Threat assessment was carried out for the different Ramsar Sites namely Keoladeo National Park, Renuka Lake, Point Calimere, Kanjli Lake, Bhoj Wetland. Alongside, I visited East Kolkata Wetlands, Harike Lake and Ropar Lake. Having understood the importance of Wetlands and my inclination towards Wildlife Conservation, I have joined WII as a Research Biologist in Species Conservation Program on River Dolphins.


Gautam (Research Biologist)


Project Assistant (Grade II):


Sneha Mane:

I have completed Bachelor’s Degree in Zoology from M.E.S Garware College, Pune (Savitribai Phule Pune University). My love for fascinating underwater world made me register for master’s degree in Marine Biology which I have done from Department of Ocean Studies and Marine Biology, Pondicherry University (Andaman and Nicobar islands) in 2018. My dissertation was based on molecular studies on crustacean which made me know more about genetics. To know more about Dugong I have volunteered in CAMPA- Dugong Project (WII) in Andaman Islands. I have been working in CAMPA- Dolphin Project (Genetic component) since January, 2019.


Hiyashri Sarma:

I was always interested in wildlife being born and raised in Assam. I completed my masters in Wildlife Science in 2018 from Gauhati University, Guwahati. After that I worked as a BRAP Fellow under Assam State Biodiversity Board. Currently, I am working in CAMPA-Dolphin Project as a Project Assistant in Ganga and Brahmaputra River system, since January 2019. My major interest lies in studying Plant-animal interaction.


Abhijit Konwar:

I am from Assam: one of the most beautiful states of India. As a guy from the place full of natural and cultural heritage I really wanted to work for the wellbeing of Mother Nature from my childhood. I did my B.Sc. in Zoology from Dibrugarh University and I worked on Butterfly diversity and their conservation in my locality for my B.Sc. project. I did my Masters in Wildlife and Biodiversity Conservation from North Orissa University and I worked on ecology and habitat of Trapdoor spiders for my Masters dissertation. I want to be a wildlife conservationist and I am lucky enough to get the opportunity to start my career as Research Assistant in the conservation program of the National Aquatic Animal of our country with one of the premier institutes of the country working for the conservation of natural resources. 


Vishrutha Rao:

I am a Post- graduate in Oceanography from Goa University, Goa, with Biotechnology, Chemistry and Zoology as my Bachelor, Major from Christ University, Bangalore. I have always been curious about cetaceans and eventually, grew to learn more about the complexity of their social organization and likewise, their communication structures. The habitat of cetaceans, being water, makes them elusive to study so there is a lot left to discover about their behaviour. I’m here, working on the River Dolphin project with WII’s research team, to begin broadening my horizons in the field of cetacean studies. I hope to eventually gather the skills and knowledge that will enable me to design my own studies exploring their communication and behaviour, which will help in understanding them better and lead to the protection of these intricately complex mammals.


Ranjana Negi:

I am from Uttarakhand and an alma mater of Doon University where I did my master in the field of Environmental Sciences. For my dissertation I looked into the role of NGO in Solid Waste Management in Rural areas of Corbett Tiger Reserve (CTR). I am perfervid about nature and my inclination towards wildlife started in my master’s days when I was working at CTR and came across devastating condition of animals due to unmanaged waste. Subsequently, I have joined Wildlife Institute of India as Research Assistant in the “Species Conservation Program – Development of Conservation Action Plan for River Dolphins” project. Other interest of mine: bird watching, trekking, art collection, dancing.

Yogi R Nobis (Project Assistant Grade II)
Ramesh Prajapat (Project Assistant Grade II)

Project Assistant (Grade I)


Anurag Rokade:

People believe that where there is water, there is fish. But I think that where there is fish, there is water. My main interested is to solve the taxonomy of freshwater fishes of India. Accordingly, I perceived my master’s in Zoology – Fisheries from Shivaji University, Kolhapur Maharashtra. My dissertation topic was “Colour pigmentation in Ornamental fish using natural carotenoid” I observed diversity and AAS (Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy) of freshwater sponges from Krishna river basin also worked on “Fish diversity of Sahyadri Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra” in Wildlife Institute of India Under Dr J. A. Johnson. Currently I am working in CAMPA – Dolphin under Prof. Qamar Qureshi and Dr. Vishnupriya Kolipakam.

Contact –,, 9096871284



Subhasree Das:

I pursued my bachelor’s degree in Zoology from Asutosh College, Kolkata (2014-2017) and completed my masters’ in the same, from Maulana Azad College, University of Calcutta (2017-2019). I am an avid observer of nature, my curiosity and love for watching animals is my motivation behind working in this field. My interest lies in studying animal behaviour and how we can apply our knowledge of behavioural ecology to improve the effectiveness of conservation. As my Masters' dissertation I have studied "Effects of Cadmium on Respiratory Activity and Behaviour of Freshwater teleost Anabas testudineus". After completing post-graduation, I started working as a research assistant in the project ‘Conservation of Ganges river dolphin-CAMPA’ under Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun. My interest lies in studying dolphin distribution pattern and its habitat use along the course of the river Ganges and track the behavioural responses due to human‐induced environmental change, such as alterations in habitat choice, movements, foraging, social behaviour and prey availability assessment of Ganges river dolphin.


Jitul Kalita:

My name is Jitul Kalita and I am from Assam. I pursued my Bachelor's degree in Zoology from Cotton University, Guwahati, Assam followed by Masters in Environmental and Wildlife Sciences from Cotton University. I have worked in MSc dissertation titled 'Understanding the dependency of the local communities on resources of Deepor Beel: A wetland of international significance' under the guidance of Dr. Narayan Sharma over the duration of six months. I have completed six months of internship with Aaranyak on ' Understanding Ecology of Tiger and Leopard in North Bengal'. I have joined WII as Project Assistant in the project entitled 'Development of Conservation Action Plan for Ganges River Dolphins'. I have interest on studying animal behaviours and urban ecology.


Subhasis Dey (Project Associate Grade I)
Manoj Das (Project Associate Grade I)
Noor Jamal (Project Associate Grade I)
Shah Alom (Project Associate Grade I)


Field Assistant:


Md. Samsul Hoque
Jhinook Mitra
Shohibul Islam
Shah Jahan Ali
Sagar Sahani
Raj Kumar Sahani
Akshay Kumar


Previous Researchers:


Dr. Rashid H Raza (Project Scientist)

Leela Prasad (Project Fellow)

Anumitra Phukon (Project Fellow)

Ashwin Warudkar (Project Fellow)

Naman Goyal (Project Fellow)

Rajat Rastogi (Project Fellow)

Ajay Gaikwad (Project Fellow)