Vision and Objective

  • To strengthen, catalyze and support linkages between Field Groups, S&T based NGOs, Universities and S&T Institutions involved in R&D and application of innovative solutions for development of disadvantaged and economically weaker sections in hilly and mountain areas.
  • To catalyze and support research, development and adaptation of relevant and appropriate technologies for empowering and improving quality of life of Artisans, landless labour, Women, SC/ST and other disadvantaged sections of the society.
  • To preserve and upgrade skills of traditional artisans as "natural carriers" of S&T knowledge /capabilities and enable their transition to S&T based production organizations.
  • To develop new technology to improve and diversify the local economy, optimum utilization of local resources and to upgrade the skills and efficiency of local people.
  • To motivate scientists and technologists to apply their knowledge and expertise for development and implementation of action-oriented, innovative field-based projects for technology development/ demonstration and utilization by S&T Field Groups in partnership with the target groups.
  • To evolve and demonstrate replicable role models of S&T based development for benefit of disadvantaged sections of the mountain & hilly areas, in harmony with local perceptions.

Currently the project is under way in the three west Himalayan states of Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir, and 19 projects have been sanctioned to various centers of excellence and research institutes. The coordination of all these projects will be carried by WII-HESCO under the project titled “Dissemination and evaluation of technologies through networking of various institutes and organization of mountain ecosystem”. The major objectives of this project are to (a) To ensure community participation in mountain development process , b)  Blending opportunities for local wisdom and new science, c) Development of vibrant bonding between science and society through strong network of civil societies and centre of excellence, d) Demonstration and dissemination of environment enriching energy, agriculture, forest and water issues.

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