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Project Title:

Ecological effects of roads through sensitive habitats: Implications for wildlife conservation

Investigators: Dr. Asha Rajvanshi, Dr. V.B. Mathur

Researcher: A. Pragatheesh

Duration of the project: Three years

The objectives of the project are:

  • To assess the nature of ecological effects associated with roads based on the study of existing road sections aligned through or along an ecologically sensitive area.
  • To predict the nature of ecological effects of a proposed road upgradation (four laning from two laning) project with and without mitigation measures.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of mitigation proposed based on the study of earlier implemented road project.
  • Suggest effective measures for preventing road induced impacts for harmonizating conservation and development.
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Course announcement

Training Course on "Raising the bar of Biodiversity in Impact Assessment for Promoting Inclusive Development"

Duration: Two days

Date: 18-19 April 2015

Venue: Congress Center, Florence, Italy

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On-going collaborations


Collaboration with CBBIA-IAIA Project's South Asia Component for development of guidance tools. For more information

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Development of Guidance Tools

The Ministry of Environment & Forests (MoE&F), Government of India, has entrusted the Wildlife Institute of India (WII) with the responsibility for addressing the impacts of existing linear developments viz. roads, railway lines, transmission lines, oil and gas pipelines and irrigation canals enroute Protected Areas and other important wildlife habitats through the development of retrofitting best practices and guidance tools.