Endangered Species Management


The Department of Endangered Species Management (ESM) has the mandate to work for the conservation of rare and endangered species of India through status surveys, research, monitoring, development of conservation action plans and advocacy.

Endangered Species Management

It also makes substantial contributions to the regular teaching, training and research activities of WII. The conservation projects include research on olive Ridley turtles; monitoring endangered carnivores, mountain ungulates and pheasants in the Himalaya; assessment of the impacts of the tsunami on the Nicobar megapode; development of a conservation action plan for the hangul or Kashmir stag; carrying out status surveys of the Indian peafowl, Himalayan brown bear and Asiatic black bear; and listing of species in the IUCN red lists and reviewing the listing in the schedules of the Indian Wildlife (Protection) Act.

Currently, the faculty members of the department are involved in many research projects dealing with the ecology and monitoring of endangered species in a wide range of study areas from the high Himalaya to the coasts and islands and the southern Indian Ocean and Antarctica. A few projects also involve working with managers and local indigenous communities to resolve human–wildlife interface issues

K. Sivakumar, M. Phil., Ph.D. Scientist - EK. Sivakumar, M. Phil., Ph.D.
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