Gopi. G. V., Ph.D

Gopi. G. V., Ph.D
Scientist - E
Phone: 0135-2646284
E-mail: gopigv [at] wii [dot] gov [dot] in

My research focuses primarily on the ecology and dynamics of wildlife populations, especially in the context of management and conservation problems. My interests are divided between coastal wetlands and the eastern Himalaya. My research since the year 2001 in the coastal and associated wetlands has involved studies on marine turtles, saltwater crocodiles, Indian skimmers and colonial nesting waterbirds. I have now expanded my research to the eastern Himalaya, and my investigations entail studying threatened faunal species and documenting ecological processes and patterns following human–wildlife interactions. My other interests include understanding wetland ecology and nature photography.

Area of Specialization

Wetland ecology; Mangrove biology & management; population ecology; behavioural ecology and conservation education

Ongoing Research Projects:

Eastern Himalaya Projects:

1. Investigation of species occupancy patterns and niche differentiation among sympatric carnivores across varying land use and disturbance regimes in and around Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary, Arunachal Pradesh

2. Establishing ecological basellinesfor long term monitoring of tigers, co-predators and prey species in Dibang Wildlife Sanctuary and its adjoining landscapes in Arunachal Pradesh, India

Western Himalaya Projects:

3. Kailash Sacred landscape Conservation Initiative (KSLCDI)

Inland and Coastal Wetland (Species & Spaces) Projects:

4.. Determination of the conservation values of the mangroves of Gujarat and Goa

5. National Atlas of colonial nesting waterbirds

6.  Assessment of breeding, foraging and habitat use patterns of a threatened piscivorous colonial nesting waterbird, Oriental darter (Anhinga melanogaster)

7. Distribution pattern, habitat use and movement of breeding water birds with respect to Black-necked cranes and Bar-headed geese using telemetry in Changthang Cold Desert Sanctuary, Ladakh and Gharana Wetland Conservation reserve, Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir

8.  Patterns of Biomass production in wetlands of Kaziranga Tiger Reserve

9.  Preparation of Management Plan Baraila Bird Sanctuary, Kusheshwarasthan Bird Sanctuary and Thane Creek Flamingo Sanctuary

10.  Planning Aquatic Species Restoration for the Ganga River” as part of the National Mission for Clean Ganga

11.  Establishment of Knowledge Management System for East Godavari River Estuarine Ecosystem, Andhra Pradesh

Select Recent Publications

1. Bhattacharya  M,  Watham T  and  Gopi G V  (2019). Photographic  Records of  Eurasian  Otter  (Lutra  lutra Linnaeus,  1758)  from  Nyamjang  Chu  River,  Arunachal Pradesh, India. IUCN Otter Spec. Group Bull. 36 (2): 103 - 109

2. Khwaja H, Buchan C, _____Gopi G V, ____ et al (2019). Pangolins in global camera trap data: Implications for ecological monitoring, Global Ecology and Conservation, Volume 20,2019, e00769,

3. Kumar A, Gautam K B, Singh B, Yadav P, Gopi G V and Gupta S K (2019). Sequencing and characterization of the complete mitochondrial genome of Mishmi takin (Budorcas taxicolor taxicolor) and comparison with the other Caprinae species. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 137: 87-94
4. Rajapandian K, Miguel B. A, Rathin B, Davidar P, Rahul D, Dinesh K D, Gopi G V, A. J. T. Johnsingh Kashmira K, Stephanie K, Babu R L, Salvador L, M. D. Madhusudan, Muneer U, Jyotirmayee P, Narendra M B P, J P Puyravaud, R. Raghunath, P P Abdul Rahim, K. Muthamizh Selvan, Naresh S, A Trabucco, Swati U, T Wiegand, A C Williams and Surendra P. Goyal (2019). Predicting range shifts of Asian elephants under global change. Diversity and Distributions.
5. Choudhary. S, Choudhury B. C, Gopi. G. V (2018). Spatio‐temporal partitioning between two sympatric crocodilians (Gavialis gangeticus & Crocodylus palustris) in Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary, India. Aquatic Conserv: Mar Freshw Ecosyst. 2018;1–10.

6. Choudhary S, Choudhury B.C and GopiG. V (2017). Differential response to disturbance factors for the population of sympatric crocodilians (Gavialis gangeticus and Crocodylus palustris) in Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary, India. Aquatic Conservation: Mar Freshw Ecosyst. 2017;1–7.


7. Mahar N, Habib B, Shawl T, Gopi G V, Suhail I, Takpa J and Hussain SA (2016). Tracking the movement pattern of Bar headed goose Anser indicus captured from the Gharana Conservation Reserve, India. Journal of Bombay Natural History Society, 112 (1): 14-22


8. Mir, Z.R; Noor A., Habib B and Gopi.G.V (2015). Seasonal population density and winter survival strategies of endangered Kashmir gray langur (Semnopithecus ajax) in Dachigam National Park, Kashmir, India. Springerplus. 29;4:562.


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