Establishment of virus free elite mother block of apple in the tribal areas of Kinnaur and Lahaul Spiti in Himachal Pradesh


Principal Investigator : Dr. Santosh Watpade, IARI Regional Station, Shimla

Co-Principal Investigator : Dr K. K. Pramanick & Dr A K Shukla

Contact details:

Email : santoshpathology [at] gmail [dot] com  Mob :+91-9805325107

Thrust Area : Sustainable Agriculture & Biofarming

Project Area : Thirteen villages of Kalpa, Nichar & Pooh Block and Three villages of Lahaul Block of Kinnaur and Lahaul-Spiti Districts respectively. 


  • Identification of elite mother plants from farmers’ field.
  • Virus indexing to identify virus free elite mother plants and maintenance of database.
  • Establishment of elite mother blocks in the fields of orchardists/nursery growers through participatory approach, and organize the awareness program about quality planting material.
  • Capacity building on modern techniques of nursery management.



  • Total 205 fruit samples collected for laboratory analysis from 12 panchayats in three blocks of Kinnaur district.
  • Collected fruit samples subjected for laboratory analysis using the following parameters (length, breadth, weight, ground color, over color, no. of lobes, fruit shape etc.)
  • RT-PCR protocol was standardized for detection of four viruses.
  • PCR based protocol was developed for detection of ASSVd
  • Leaf samples brought from different panchayats were indexed using RT-PCR for ACLSV, ASGV, ASPV, ApMV, PNRSV, and a viroid ASSVd. 
  • Data on latitude, longitude and altitude was recorded for each plant sampled.
  • Samples free from all viruses and viroid were identified in addition to those samples which were infected with a single virus, for screening purpose. 
  • A tentative list of farmers interested in growing nursery has been provided by NGO-HARP.
  • 100% men and women trained from lower socio-economic strata.
  • 16.2% women involved from all social classes in target group.
  • 18 nurseries comprising virus-free elite mother plants established in both Lahaul Spiti and Kinnaur.
  • 312 farmers trained on on modern technique of nursery management.
  • Total 196 fruit samples from 12 panchayats in three blocks of Kinnaur district collected for laboratory analysis.
Awarness program on virus free quality panting material Marking of mother plants proposed by farmer
Apple Plants in Poly House condition Apple plants in open field Appple plants in potted condition
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