Mainstreaming Farmer’s varieties in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand


Principal Investigator : Dr. Mohar Singh, National Buereau of Plant Genetic Resources Regional Station, Shimla

Contact details:

Email : Singhmohar_2003 [at] yahoo [dot] com  Mob :+91-8894009386

Co-Investigators: Dr. Mamta Arya, NBPGR, Bhowali, Dr. RK Chahota, Mr. Rahul Chandora

Thrust Area : Sustainable Agriculture & Biofarming

Project Area : Sirmour, Kullu & Shimla in H.P. and Rudraprayag, Tehri, Champawat, Pauri & Pithoragarh in Uttarakhand. 


  • Creating seed chain system through on-farm conservation and community seed banking for ensuring seed supply of farmers’ varieties.
  • Protection through registration of farmers’ varieties with PPV and FRA.
  • Mapping (special and temporal) and evaluation of elite FVs for novel traits.



  • 237 local landraces of paddy, maize, rajmash and grain amaranth collected from target sites. 
  • Lead farmers identified as seed farmers with better skill and ITK related to varietal selection and better seed management/storage practices.
  • One community seed bank established at Dhangyra village in Mandi; other CSB sites selected for their establishment.
  • Multiplication and seed increase of collected landraces done at NBPGR RS, Shimla and pilot farmer fields.
  • Seeds of elite local landraces (paddy, maize, rajmash and amaranth) distributed among 271 pilot farmers at on-farm sites to ensure seed supply at local level.
  • Registration proposals of 9 farmers’ varieties from HP sent to PPV and FRA for registration.
  • 24 landraces of 6 crops (paddy-11, wheat-4, lentil-3, fingermillet-3, barnyard millet-2, barley-1) being sent for registration from Uttarakhand.
  • These landraces characterized w.r.t agro-morphological traits in the NBPGR, RS and Farmers’ field.  
  • All FVs being characterized under common and rare categories
  • Characterization and evaluation of collected landraces (elite FVs) been done w.r.t agro-morphological traits in the NBPGR, RS, Shimla during the kharif 2018.
  • 3 Self Help Groups formed.
  • 518 skilled workers trained.
  • 7 organizations motivated and mobilized for replication of project achievements.
  • 1 Community Seed Bank established at Dhangyra, district Mandi.
  • 250 trainees attended small workshop, and received seeds at Dhangrya.
  • Focus group discussion with 100 farmers.
  • 30,22,12,44 farmers attended interaction cum seed distribution at Baggi, Salooni, Priyungul and Matiana respectively.
  • 1 publication.
Buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculantum) Buckwheat (F. tataricum)
Naked barley (Hordeum vulgare)
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