Introducing Bee-Keeping Mud Hive Technology in Wet Temperate Zone of H.P


Principal Investigator : Bhopinder Mehta, Society for Technology & Development

Co-Principal Investigator : Anjana Sharma

Contact details: 

Email : sfdnagwain [at] gmail [dot] com  Mob No. :+91-9805120849

Thrust Area : Balancing Forest use & Conservation

Project Area : Sadar Block, Mandi District, Himachal Pradesh

Objectives :

  • To promote and conserve indigenous honeybee , Apis cerana

  • To impart training to farmers on mud hive preparation and management of Apis cerana for ensuring proper pollination and better livelihood opportunity.

  • To study various parameters/factors affecting bee activities in mud hives

  • To study the impact of mud hives on productivity of apples

  • To establish centralized facility centre for processing of honey




  • About 80 colonies of local bees introduced which are working well, and has led to an increase in their population.
  • Training in fabrication of mud hives provided to all beneficiaries.
  • 5 days’ training program on scientific management of honey bees in mud hives were organized in which 45 farmers participated.
  • Hands on training in handling bee colonies provided.
  • Training program on processing and packaging of honey was organized for a group of 20 progressive farmers in the established common facility center (CFC) at Jawalpur.
  • Study was carried out at Nagwain.
  • Both wooden and mud hives in the orchards have been compared.
  • Dr. Harish Sharma, Scientist bee-keeping visited the project site. Plan for trials is made, and the impact studied.
  • All equipment transferred to the beneficiaries, and installed at the center.
  • A total of 41 beneficiaries from 8 villages have been provided with mud hive fabrication, and bee-keeping technology.
  • All the beneficiaries are local farmers, practising apple cultivation.
  • Total 5 meetings along with 3 awareness workshops have been conducted.
  • 2 trainings on bee keeping in mud hives, 1 training in honey processing have been imparted.
  • A total of 220 males and 12 females participated.
  • A Common Facility Centre has been established in village Pub, and is provided with honey processing unit (1)  comb foundation sheet roller (1)
  • 3 information centres have been established and provided with Honey Extractor (6), Smokers (6).
  • Beneficiaries were provided with Bee handling kits (50), Hand gloves, uncapping knives, hive tools, Bee brushes & Veils
  • Honey and beeswax were also provided as raw materials.
  • There has been about 20-25 % increase in apple productivity post the intervention.
  • A direct 20-25 % increase in income of the beneficiaries has been reported.
  • A profit of 10 -15 % is being earned on the apples.
  • 1 article published in TIME Magazine.
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