Up-gradation of conventional river ropeway existing in rural/hilly terrain over main rivers


Principal Investigator : Er. Ganga Ram, Society for Technology and Development.

Co-Principal Investigator : Pradeep Kumar, Society for Technology and Development

Contact details:

Email : stdmandi [at] gmail [dot] com , stdpsn [at] yahoo [dot] com  

Tel Nos :01905-246154, 246155

Thrust Area : Rural Engineering & Technology Support Service

Project Area : Three field stations in Sadar Block of Mandi Distt.

Objectives :

  • To upgrade technologically conventional method of river ropeway

  • To develop and demonstrate viable river rope way models

  • To build and promote institutionalized linkages with S&T institution developmental agencies to replicate proven models

  • To Build and promote institutionalized linkages with financial institutions for replication / promotion of new models

  • To give training to various interested NGO`s and individuals at our field stations




  • 3 different RCC designs of piers been studied, and economical one has been constructed. 
  • A working model has been fabricated from IIT Mandi, installed on RCC piers.
  • Field trial of prototype-I has been completed successfully after its installation on piers.
  • CAD design of lightweight model of prototype-II re-designed.
  • 1 working model has been developed and tested. Prototype-I has already been developed and tested successfully.
  • CAD model for lightweight prototype-II been re-designed.
  • Institutionalized linkage has been established with IIT Mandi.
  • Trial demonstration on processing and packing of honey has been conducted at this CFC.
  • A light weight carrier model has been designed with help of IIT Mandi.
  • The weight of this second prototype has been brought down to 115 kg (prototype 1 weighed 340 kg) and the focus has been on the efficiency, and functionality of the model.
  • 2 sites near the Bhadyar field station have been identified for the testing of the model.
  • MCRC, Chennai has been approached for expert help for which their reply is awaited.
  • As per the recommendations of the GMW expert committee, RTDC (Ropeway and Rapid transport system Development Corporation) of Himachal Pradesh has been approached for a safety certificate for the model.
  • The requisite fee for filing of patent has been deposited.
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