Fortification of mountain crops for value addition


Principal Investigator : Dr. Mahesh Gupta, CSIR-Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology

Co-Principal Investigator : Dr.Bikram Singh, CSIR-Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology

Contact details:

Email : mgupta [at] ihbt [dot] res [dot] in  Mob No. :+91-9736440442

Thrust Area : Sustainable Agriculture & Bio-farming

Project Area : District Kangra, Himachal Pradesh

Objectives :

  • Value addition and fortification of underutilized/traditional food bioresources for health benefits

  • Development and optimization of functional food formulation (s) using suitable process methodologies

  • Trainings and demonstration of developed formulation(s) with respect to nutritional, quality and shelf life acceptability of product(s)

Barley noodles have been developed with 100% barley flour and with 70% barley + 30% rice flour. These formulations were fortified with buckwheat leaf juice to increase its nutritional value. The prepared product finally conditioned to desirable moisture content before subjecting to extrusion. These noodles have good structural, nutritional and cooking profile. 

Instant rice shaped restructured Buckwheat is a value added product, prepared to promote high altitude mountain crops. Buckwheat flour is restructured to produce product similar to the rice with good cooking quality and taste. The product exhibited unique textural as well as nutritional properties better than original rice. This product was finally coated with oil rich in omega – 6 fatty acid to make it healthy to avoid breaking of grains during cooking. This product is gluten free and rich in fiber.




  • Underutilized crops (Buckwheat leaves, Colocasia leaves, Oxalis, Wood sorrel) have been selected and analyzed to check their nutritional composition and use further for product development.
  • Food products (Barley puffed snacks, Instant extruded rice) prepared using main crop fortified with these underutilized crops.
  • Noodles from barley flour, rice flour have been preapared.
  • Nutritional barley products of muesli and sattu have been prepared.
  • 10% of households involved in technology generation.
  • Linkage has been established with state line departments.
  • Crops which are grown widely in different areas of the state and used as traditional food were collected after survey for fortification and value addition.
  • Nutritional analysis of selected crops, and comparative study is being done by growing them in different areas of Himachal Pradesh.
Barley Noodles Instant rice shaped restructured Buckwheat
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