Technological Interventions and Networking for Basic Community Needs in Mountains of Himachal Himalayas


Principal Investigator : Dr. Lal Singh, Himalayan Research Group, Dr K.S. Kapoor, Himalayan Forest Research Institute

Co-Principal Investigator : Dr. Maninder Jeet Kaur, Himalayan Research Group

Contact details:

Email : lalhrg [at] gmail [dot] com  Mob No. :+91-9816026820

Thrust Area : Harnessing & conserving Renewable energy

Project Area : Three locations under Kinnaur, Shimla and Mandi Districts of H.P

Project was started with community organization in two sites in Kamrunag-Kandhi and Jahal Panchayats of Gohar Block in Mandi Districts. One women group of 14 members was organized in Bukhras village of Jahal Panchyat and two groups of 24 women were organized in Chain Maigal village of the Kamrunag Kandhi Panchyat. Discussion about selection of households for the installation of solar water and space heating panel was conducted at Sangla with elected panchayat representative on Sept 5, 2017. In the mean time material for fabrication of solar water and space heating panel like aluminium coil, GI sheet, insulation, aluminium sheet, GI fittings were procured for different places. Fabrication of 60 solar panels (40 water heating and 20 space heating) was completed. Installation was delayed because of announcement of election in the state. Installation on three sites (2 of Mandi 1 at Kinnaur) will be completed till Dec. 2017. Efforts were made to seek community investment to increase number of installations to provide maximum benefit and cover sizable population. HFRI Shimla completed survey to identify selected fodder trees for collection of seeds during October to December in and seeds were sown in at Brundhar (Kullu) where sowing in the month of March, 2017 for raising the QPM of fodder tree species. Cutting of the Robinia were also collected for further multiplication. Cuttings of the size 22.5 cm were used while planting. Germination data on weekly bases is being recorded to generate information for subsequent sharing.




  • Awareness and capacity building of local communities through networking for dissemination of technological interventions.
  • Meeting domestic energy needs of space and water heating in mountain households through solar passive retrofitting.


  • Communities in two villages of Mandi and one village of Kinnaur were oriented about the proposed activities under the project.
  • Popularization and demonstration of proposed technology taken to other villages in five districts under Government programs.
  • Installation of solar water and space heating systems. (48 HH in Mandi; 20 HH in Kinnaur)
  • Baseline information of before and after fuelwood collection of these households collected and analyzed. 
  • Seedlings of fuel and fodder species namely, Quercus leucotrichophora, Celtis, Robinia, Morus and Salix were produced in HFRI and HRG nursery.
  • 48 households with 50% number of beneficiaries created.
  • 21 target group beneficiaries created from Bukhras while 27 from Chhen Maigal village.
  • Awareness meetings for fabrication and installation of solar water heating systems conducted, and 47 members attended these orientations.
  • Time saving in fuel wood is equated on opportunity cost which is Rs. 1406/-month/household on the rate of MGNREGA rates.
  • Generated direct employment for five (3 artisans and 2 helpers) for 234 days' wages through fabrication and installation of 297 units including Vigyan Gram installations.
  • Under Vigyan Gram Scheme 250 units of solar water heating systems installed.
  • 40% direct saving of fuel wood with solar water heating system.
  • Women have been able to save about 40% of their time.
Fabrication of solar panels HFRI Fuel and Fodder Tree Nursery
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