Best practice guides and tool kits

Directory of Impact Assessment Guidelines Download Full Text
  Environmental impact assessment of irrigation and drainage projects Download Full Text
  Environmental impact of forestry Download Full Text
  Empowering People: A Guide to Participation Download Full Text
  Handbook for Incorporation of Social Dimensions in Projects Download Full Text
  Guideline for Economic Analysis of Projects Download Full Text
  Guidelines for Monitoring and Evaluation for Biodiversity Projects
Kathy MacKinnon, Environment Department Paper
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  Biodiversity and Environment Assessment Toolkit Download Full Text
  Compendium of Good Practices for Operationalising
Environmentally Sustainable Development in Development Co-operation
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  Cumulative Effects Assessment Practitioners Guide Download Full Text
  World Bank (1991) Environmental Assessment Sourcebook,  (3 volumes) Volume 1: Download Full Text

Volume 2: Download Full Text

Volume 3: Download Full Text

  Environmental Impact Assessment A Guide to Procedures
Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions
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  Habitat Evaluation: Guidance for the Review of
Environmental Assessment Documents
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  "Environmental Impact Assessment: Towards Guidelines
for Adoption under the Ramsar Convention"
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  Sustainability Assessment Tools Download Full Text

Biodiversity Issues: The Enabling Environment and Mining.

IIED and World Business Council for Sustainable Development Publication. July 2001.

  Room to Manoeuvre? Mining, biodiversity and protected areas.

Publication of IIED and World Business Council for Sustainable Development, London. 2003.


Lightning the Lode – A Guide to Responsible Large-scale Mining.

Publication of Conservation International, Washington, DC. 2000.

  Scoping of Ecological Impacts of Mining on Canada’s National Parks.

The Mining Association of Canada Publication. September 2002.

  Biodiversity Offsets – A Briefing Paper for the Mining Industry.

Publication of International Council on Mining & Metals, London. 2005.

  Integrating Mining and Biodiversity Conservation: Case studies from around the world.

Publication of IUCN – The World Conservation Union and International Council on Mining & Metals.

  Biodiversity and minerals – Extracting the benefits for wildlife.

Publication of English Nature, SAMSA and Quarry Products Associations.

  Good Environmental Practices In The European Extractive Industry: A Reference Guide  
  Byron, 2000, Byron, Helen Biodiversity and Environmental Impact Assessment: A Good Practice Guide for Road Schemes.

The RSPB, WWF-UK, English Nature and Wildlife Trusts, Sandy.

  Roads and the Environment: A Handbook Download Full Text
Oil and Gas
  Biodiversity and the Petroleum Industry – A Guide to the Biodiversity Negotiations.

IPIECA Publication.

  Integration Biodiversity into Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Processes.

The Energy and Biodiversity Publication.

  Guiding principles for biodiversity in development: Lessons from field projects.

Publication of European Commission, Department for International Development and IUCN.

  Integrating Biodiversity Conservation into Oil & Gas Development.

The Energy and Biodiversity Publication.