South Asian Regional Environment Assessment Association (SAREAA)

The South Asian Regional Environmental Assessment Association (SAAREA), later renamed as Regional Environmental Assessment Programme (REAP) evolved as a non-profit association to serve as a regional forum and professional network of EIA Practitioners in South Asia with an objective to share practical Environmental Assessment (EA) experiences in the region, and to provide facilities for pooling and transferring information, expertise and other capacity building infrastructure available for use in South Asia. SAREAA would subsequently function as a confederation of national environmental assessment associations of all SAARC Countries (Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives Islands, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka)

The financial support for this work came from the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the additional technical support was provided by the Netherlands EIA Commission.

The Wildlife Institute of India was recognized as one of the member organizations for steering the activities of SARREA in India and the region. Dr. Asha Rajvanshi, Faculty Incharge, EIA Cell provided an active support to the project.

SAREAA organized several regional programmes including Regional Training Workshop on Integrating Biodiversity concerns in EIA, during December 4-5, 1999, at Kathmandu, Nepal and the Regional training workshop on Integrating Biodiversity Concerns in EIA, during Nov 20-21 2000 at Dhaka, Bangladesh. The Institute provided professional support and resource inputs in above two programmes