netherlands eia commission

Netherlands Commission for Environmental Impact Assessment

 The Netherlands Commission for EIA (NCEIA) is an independent body, with a budget of its own funded by government subsidies. In the Dutch law on EIA, which was passed in 1987, the Commission for Environmental Impact Assessment was assigned an important role in the EIA procedure.

The Netherlands Commission for Environmental Impact Assessment contributes to the introduction and strengthening of EIA and SEA systems and acts as an independent expert watchdog to improve the quality of Environmental Impact Statements (EIS). The Commission collaborates with government agencies, such as environment and planning ministries, and international institutions, advises decision makers - government ministers and provincial and municipal councils - on the environmental aspects of plans and projects. It also provides advisory services, on-the-job training and a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experiences.

The Commission also supports the development of EIA systems in developing countries. Dutch embassies, environment ministries in developing countries and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs use this advice. The Commission also draws partners from professionals bodies in other countries to assist in its diverse initiatives of developing EIA and SEA related best practice guidance tools.

On request of NCEIA, WII partnered the task of developing case studies for the preparation of guidelines for integrating biodiversity in SEA for Convention on Biodiversity.