Tiger Monitoring Software


  • Patch for Existing users : Users having problem with installed software should download the following file and replace the same in existing folder where the software is installed.(6 MB)Tiger_Patch
    Updated (March 23, 2010)
  • Full Software Package : Requires High Speed Internet Connection to download (300 MB)Tiger
    Updated (March 23, 2010)
  • Empty Database (8 MB)Tiger_census.mdb
    Updated (March 23, 2010)
  • Registry Update for Data Checking Tool (Please Download and Double Click on this file before running data checking tool (2.5 MB) Check_2003.reg(For Office 2003 User)Check_2007.reg(For Office 2007/2010 Users)
    Updated (April 8, 2010)
  • Data Checking Tool (2.8 MB)Check.mdb
    Updated (April 8, 2010)
  • Data Merging Tool (2.5 MB)Merge_tool.exe
    Updated (April 8, 2010)

 Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What should I do after entering the data for a range?

Please downloadcheck.mdband double click it. Please show your database in the first dialog box and enter the report name in the second dialog box. This program would create an excel output for all the data entered. Please check for missing GPS and other missing data and then incorporate the corrections throughtiger.exe.

  • What should I do after the data for all the ranges have been entered in different computers?

The database on the different computers needs to be checked for errors and missing data usingcheck.mdband after incorporating the necessary corrections the final database needs to be kept in a single folder in one system. After this step the data merging tool needs to be executed. It would ask for the directory where all the data of different ranges/division is kept and it would finally join to create a single output file for entire division.

  • My GPS readings are in WGS84 datum while the co-ordinates marked on Survey of India toposheet are is Everest datum, so how do I enter the GPS co-ordinates? Do I need to convert them?
    The software takes care of the shift which actually comes due to datum change. The data entry team is requested to enter the data as received from the field, irrespective of the datum. It would be beneficial for us the spheroid and datum information used is sent back with the final database in a text file or word document.
  • We have already started the data entry and we realize that the software version we are using is old and a new version has been released. How do I update the  new version? In order to update, the data entry team should download the file tiger.exe (6 MB approx.) file from the websitewww.wii.gov.in  and replace the same in the existing installed directory.

 Please note

  • Software should be closed and not running while starting the procedure.
  • Delete only tiger.exe
  • Copy the downloaded file
  • Paste it in the installed directory.
  • In case, tiger.exe is not getting deleted, you are requested to restart the system and repeat the above mentioned procedure.