Information Technology and Remote Sensing & GIS Cell


Information Technology, Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System facility is hallmark of WII for providing cutting edge technology relevant for wildlife research, education and training. The facility is available for 24 hours to the faculty members, trainees/researchers/students and collaborators Remote Sensing Cellworking with the Institute. Large number of Desktop Computer configured with updated Operating Systems and specialized analytical software for data processing and research purposes are made available in the dedicated lab. The computer facility is provided by wide array of hardware setup connected to Local Area Network (LAN). There are Intel Pentium Xeon/Itanium servers for Internet, Intranet, database management and library automation services; workstations; Storage Area Network (SAN) and more than 300 nodes. The Institute has 200 Mbps internet leased line connectivity and 30 Mbps backbone. Wi-Fi connectivity has also been provided almost throughout the campus. All the computers of the Institute are provided with internet and mailing services. The institute is set on path of e-governance for improved efficiency.

The Geo-informatics Laboratory i.e. Geographic Information System, Remote Sensing and Global Positioning System (GPS) technology at WII caters to research and training program of the Institute, and also the demand from field managers. The laboratory is equipped with latest major software such as ArcGIS, ERDAS Imagine and Idrisi and several open source software for modelling species distribution and niche requirement, landscape change detection, etc. A dedicated team is available for providing support and training in IT and Geo-informatics. Module on Remote Sensing and GIS is conducted for M.Sc, PG Diploma and Certificate Courses at WII, and hands-on training are also provided to other graduate students and interns. Work is in progress for the development of National Wildlife Spatial Database.


  • Shri Qamar Qureshi, Scientist-G, Nodal Officer
  • Dr. K. Ramesh, Scientist-E, Associate Nodal Officer
  • Dr. Gautam Talukdar, Scientist-E, Associate Nodal Officer
  • Shri Rajesh Thapa, System Manager/Principal Technical Officer
  • Dr. Panna Lal, Principal Technical Officer
  • Shri V.Sukumar, Sr. Technical Officer (3)
  • Dr. Manoj Kumar Agarwal, Sr. Technical Officer (3)
  • Shri Lekh Nath Sharma, Sr. Technical Officer (2)
  • Shri Dinesh Singh Pundir, Sr. Technical Officer (1)
  • Smt. Alka Aggarwal, Sr. Technical Officer (1)
  • Shri. Harendra Kumar, Sr. Technical Officer (1)
  • Shri. Narendra Bist, Sr. Technical Officer (1)
  • Dr. J.S. Kathayat, Database Manager
  • Shri Virendra Sharma, Computer Personnel

Contact: Shri Qamar Qureshi, Email: qnq [at] wii [dot] gov [dot] in