Course feedback


Course feedback based on the comments of the participants (participants' names suppressed)

Worthwhile things learned during the course

  • Integrating economic evaluation in impact assessment using ecosystem approach to EIA and consensus building exercise.

  • Biodiversity economic evaluation tools, case studies, International trends, specially related to biodiversity offset

  • Biodiversity offsets, case studies and role play

  • Valuing biodiversity specially ecosystem services.

  • Economic valuation of biodiversity discussions on cost benefit analysis and multi-criteria

  • Valuation techniques and biodiversity inclusive impact assessment

  • Concept of ecological impact assessment.

  • Biodiversity valuation and international case studies.

  • Clarity on linkages between MDG, EIA and Eco-valuation of biodiversity offsets

  • The technology of valuing biodiversity in economic terms international cases and offset approach.

Things that helped the participants work effectively

  • Friendly atmosphere excellent inputs by experienced instructors.

  • Excellent instructors, material for the course (CD with presentations and selected literature), good infra-structure (room, Lunch, Breaks, etc.)

  • Valuing biodiversity both ecological/economic concepts.

  • Case studies and exercises at the end, Wide diversity of participants.

  • The good case examples and exercise.

  • The quality of instructions and PowerPoint.

  • The instructors were just outstanding and made it very easy to grasp this newer concept of ecological economics for EIA.

  • PowerPoint presentations with photos.

  • Friendly atmosphere

  • Excellent instructions, good discussions

  • Cases on measuring biodiversity values in economic terms.

 Things that kept the participants from being more effective

  • Short duration of the course

  • Jet lag long due to long travel

  • Rooms were a bit cold.

  • Jet lag

 General comments and suggestions

  • All very good.

  • An excellent course which should be continued and should also be offered as an e-course.

  • It will be better if the training courses have more practical exercises.

  • Well done. The instructors did a great job.

  • Include more examples of EA of oil/gas project and bio fuel projects.

  • Structure training courses for biodiversity inclusive EA for specific projects such as road construction, hydropower.