J. A. Johnson, Ph.D.


Dr. J. A. Johnson
Scientist - E
Department of Habitat Ecology
Phone: +91-135-2646285
Mobile: +91 9410992211
E-mail: jaj [at] wii [dot] gov [dot] in

I received my PhD degree in Zoology in 2000 from Manonmanam Sundaranar University, Tamil Nadu and I studied “Diversity and ecological structure of fishes in Western Ghats streams, India”. My research included species distribution patterns, community structure, spatio-temporal changes in resource (food and space) partition among co-existing species, conservation of rare and threatened species and effects of human disturbance on aquatic resources. I described three new species and found out several new records of fishes from Western Ghats. After joined as faculty, I explored diversity and distribution patterns of fishes of Himalaya and Central Indian rivers. My primary interests are understanding microhabitat requirement of threatened fishes, generating habitat suitability criteria, understanding resource partitioning, Ecological flow requirment for aquatic species and aquatic habitat monitoring.

Member in: Environmental Appraisal Committee (River Valley & Hydro-projects), MoEFCC, New Delhi; Member, State Wildlife Board of Karnataka & Puducherry; Research Council Member, Uttarkhand Biodiversity Board, Dehradun and Member, IUCN-Freshwater fish specialist group.

Area of Specialization

Stream community ecology, River ecology, Taxonomy & Fish community ecology and aquatic monitoring.

Current Projects

  Long-term Monitoring of Fish Population in selected landscapes (Western Himalaya, Eastern Himalaya, Central India, Western Ghats and Andaman and Nicobar Islands – under LTEO programme of MoEFCC.
  Fish species inventory and monitoring under the JICA project on ‘Basic Study Design of Biodiversity Assessment for Himachal Pradesh’.
  Ecology and migratory patterns of Golden Mahseer (Tor putitora) in river Ganga using radio telemetry techniques – funded by WII-Grant-in Aid.
  Recovery of Dugongs and their habitats in India: An Integrated Participatory Approach – funded by CAMPA, MoEFCC.

Key Publications

  Johnson, J.A., K. Sivakumar and R. Jordan. 2017. Ecological flow requirement for fishes of Godavari river: flow estimation using the PHABSIM method. Current Sciences, 113(11): 2187-2193
  Vandana, R., J.A. Johnson and K. Sivakumar (2013). Environmental effects on the morphology of the snow trout Schizothorax richardsonii (Gray, 1832). TAPROBANICA, 05(2): 102–110.

Johnson, J.A. and M. Arunachalam (2012).  Feeding habit and food partition in a stream fish community of Western Ghats, India. Environmental Biology of Fishes, 93: 51-60.

  Johnson, J.A. and M. Arunachalam (2009). Diversity, distribution and assemblage structure of fishes in streams of southern Western Ghats, India. Journal of Threatenedtaxa, 1(10):507-513.

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