Dr. Lallianpuii Kawlni


Dr. Lallianpuii Kawlni,
Email: lallian [at] wii [dot] gov [dot] in
Phone: +91-135-2646206(O)

I am a Wildlife Veterinarian from Aizawl, a city nestled in the green hilly folds of Mizoram, North East India. I did my post graduation (MVSc) in Wildlife from Karnataka Veterinary Animal and Fisheries Sciences University (KVAFSU) and BVSc & AH from College of Veterinary Sciences & Animal Husbandry, Central Agricultural University, Aizawl. My passion for animals and wildlife started at an early age. I have been involved with wildlife rescue and rehabilitation since 2009 and my research career began in 2011 when I was conducting studies on gastrointestinal parasitic infections of captive non-human primates in Karnataka and Mizoram. Prior to joining WII, I was working in Advanced Animal Disease Diagnosis and Management Consortium (ADMaC), a DBT sponsored project in the College of Veterinary Sciences & Animal Husbdandry, Aizawl  where I was associated with the confirmation and study of several disease outbreaks both in wild and domestic animals including the first report of Goatpoxvirus infection in wild Serow in the world in 2015 and was appointed as a member of the “Consultative Committee on mass death of Serow” by the Department of Environment, Forests & Climate Change, Mizoram. I was also associated with studies and recording of multidrug resistant bacterial pathogens among wild and domestic animals of the entire North East Indian states. I was an instructor for several training courses on molecular techniques for diagnosis of viral and bacterial pathogens and taught the undergraduate course for Zoo and Wildlife Management as well.

My research interests include conservation breeding studies, wild and domestic animal health management and  role of human and domestic animals in wildlife disease emergence, wildlife disease surveillance and monitoring, development of molecular methods for detection of wildlife pathogens and investigation of health status of free ranging wildlife.

Selected list of  Publications:

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  4. Patra, G., Behera, P., Kawlni, L., Saikia, B., Ghosh, S., Devi, C.N. and Debbarma, A. (2017). Molecular detection of Hepatozoon in the blood of snakes from Mizoram, India. J. Entomol Zool Studies 5(4): 1986-1988.
  5. Konwar, B., Bayan, H., Saikia, B., Lalchhandama, C. and Kawlni, L. (2014). Successful management of a high voltage electrocution injury in Hoolock Gibbon. Indian Vet. J., 91 (02) : 60 - 62.

Book Chapter:

  1. Kawlni, Lallianpuii. ‘Rul Humhalh leh an Pawimawhna’ (Snake conservation and their importance). Mizoram Rul Chanchin (Snakes of Mizoram). Eds. Dr. HT Lalremsanga and Dr. Samuel Lalronunga. (2017). Aizawl:BIOCONE. ISBN: 978-93-81139-14-1