Lockdown Wildlife Tracker

In this time of the Covid-19 lockdown, where we humans are locked inside homes, there are more and more reports of wildlife exploring human-dominated areas or 'rewilding' urban areas. However, these records are stray and just circulated as WhatsApp stories for now. Wildlife Institute of India thought to collect this interesting data in an organized manner to help visualize interesting patterns of wildlife habitat use that are unfolding during this period! You can help us in this initiative by reporting your sightings from your homes and be a part of a science experiment! Lockdown Wildlife Tracker is an app which makes it easy to record wildlife from the comfort of your home! These sightings can be reported real time as well as at any later period - but only till the lockdown lasts! What is more... You can even upload photos of your sightings to the app! This app makes is convenient to keep track of what you see, while making your data openly available for scientific research, education, and conservation.

It is reiterated to report the incidents which you come across only while performing your daily duties of from the safety of your home and do not make any special efforts to gather such information which may be against the spirit of the lockdown.