What is Management Effectiveness Evaluation (MEE)?


Protected area (PA) management effectiveness evaluation (MEE) is defined as the assessment of how well PAs are being managed- primarily, whether they are protecting their values and achieving the goals and objectives agreed upon. Assessment of protected area management effectiveness has emerged as a key tool for PA managers and it is well recognized by the government over the past 1.5 decades. The term ‘management effectiveness’ reflects following three main themes of PA management1:

  • Design issues relating to both individual sites and PA systems
  • The adequacy and appropriateness of management systems and processes
  • Delivery of the objectives of PAs, including conservation of values.


1 Hockings, M., James, R., Stolton, S., Dudley, N., Mathur, V., Makombo, J., Courrau, J., Parrish, J., & Patry, M. 2008. Enhancing Our Heritage Toolkit: Assessing Management Effectiveness of Natural World Heritage Sites. World Heritage Paper 23. Paris: UNESCO World Heritage Centre