Indian experience on MEE


India is among the select countries in the world that have institutionalized the MEE Process. India has made a beginning in evaluating the management effectiveness of its world heritage sites, national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and tiger reserves since 2003. The abstract of MEE exercises conducted in India is given in table below:

Abstract of MEE Exercises conducted in India

In-depth Evidence based assessment: 3 World Heritage Sites ( )

  • MEE of Chitwan world Heritage Site, Nepal (2007)

  • MEE of Keoladeo World Heritage Site, Rajasthan, India (2007)

  • MEE of Kaziranga World Heritage Site, Assam, India (2007)

Rapid Expert-based scorecard: National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries

Comprehensive system-wide, Peer-based assessment: Tiger Reserves Network

First Cycle: MEE of 28 Tiger Reserves (2006): completed

Second Cycle: MEE of 39 Tiger Reserves (2010): completed

Third Cycle: MEE of 43 Tiger Reserves (2014): completed

Fourth Cycle: MEE of 50 Tiger Reserves (2018): completed