About the Team


Project Advisors

Dr. Dhananjai Mohan, Director
Tel.: 0135-2646101
Email: dwii[at][wii[dot]gov[dot]in

Project Investigator

Dr. Gautam Talukdar, Scientist-E & Head, Dept. of Protected Area Network
Tel.: 0135 2646255
Email: gautam[at][wii[dot]gov[dot]in

Project Co-Investigator

Dr. Monali Sen, IFS, Scientist-E, Department of Protected Area Network
Tel.: 0135 2646112
Email: monali[at][wii[dot]gov[dot]in

Project Team

Dr. Nasim Ahmad Ansari, Project Scientist
Tel.: 0135 2646 340 (O), 8449908531 (M)
Email: nasim[at][wii[dot]gov[dot]in

Ms. Deepali Bansal, Office Assistant
Mobile: 92500 50045
Email: deepali[at][wii[dot]gov[dot]in