Marbled Toad


Duttaphrynus stomaticus

Common Names:

Marbled Toad

Marbled Toad


Kingdom   :    Animalia
  :    Chordata
Class :
Order :   Anura
Family :   Bufonidae
Genus :    Duttaphrynus
Species :   stomaticus

Conservation Status:

IUCN :   Least Concern
IWPA :   Not listed
CITES :  Not listed
U.S ESA :  Not listed


The species is found in much of the Indian subcontinent from Afghanistan to Nepal. In India, it is widely distributed.

Distribution Map of Marbled Toad

Distribution map of Marbled Toad (Source:

Characteristics, Habitat and Behaviour:

Marbled toad is found in a wide variety of habitats including open plains, grasslands, scrubland, forest, suitable agricultural land and human habitations. Breeding occurs in permanent and seasonal pools, seasonal streams and slow-flowing streams. Adults hide under rocks and in crevices. It is a very adaptable species that may be found in houses (Stock et al., 2009).

Major Threats:

  • Loss of habitat due to infrastructure development.
  • Intensification of agriculture and pollution of wetlands and land by agrochemicals.
  • Traffic related mortality and long-term drought.


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