Golden Mahaseer


Tor putitora

Common Names:

Putitor Mahseer, Golden Mahaseer

Golden Mahaseer


Kingdom   :  Animalia
  :    Chordata
Class :
Order :   Cypriniformes
Family :   Cyprinidae
Genus :   Tor
Species :  putitora

Conservation Status:

IUCN:   Endangered
IWPA :   Not listed
CITES :   Not listed
U.S ESA :   Not listed


The species has been reported from the Himalayan region and elsewhere in south Asia and southeast Asia, ranging from Afghanistan, Pakistan, India (Darjeeling to Kashmir), Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, western Iran to eastern Thailand.

Distribution Map of Putitor Mahseer

Distribution map of Putitor Mahseer (Source:

Characteristics, Habitat and Behaviour:

Inhabiting the montane and submontane regions, in streams and rivers, T. putitora is a major Tor distributed in mid hills stretches of Himalayan region. It inhabits rapid streams with rocky bottom, riverine pools and lakes. The fish is a column feeder in freshwater, found in pH ranges 7.4 - 7.9 and in subtropical condition 13°C-30°C. It is omnivorous in nature during their adult stage and feed on periphytic algae and diatoms in juvenile stage. The feeding and breeding habitats are lost almost throughout their distributional range and thus this species is declining (Jha and Rayamajhi, 2010).

Major Threats:

  • Urbanization, illegal encroachment,
  • Over fishing
  • Chemical and physical alterations of their natural habitats.


Jha, B.R., & Rayamajhi, A. 2010.Tor putitora. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 2010: e.T166645A6254146.