S. Sathyakumar, Ph.D.


S. Sathyakumar, Ph.D.
S. Sathyakumar, Ph.D.
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E-mail: ssk [at] wii [dot] gov [dot] in


I obtained my Masters and Ph.D degrees in Wildlife Sciences and have been working forwildlife conservation and sustainable development, largely in the mountain ecosystems since 1989.  Research interests include: species-habitat relationships in relation to human use, wildlife-livestock interactions, impacts of human use and climate change on wildlife and their habitats, Impact assessments of developmental projects, management of human-wildlife conflicts through community participation and use of modern tools and techniques.  I also develop and implement training programmes to build the skills of state forest departments and other stakeholders in the field of wildlife monitoring, habitat management, and management of human-wildlife conflicts.


Ecology of mountain ungulates; bears, galliformes; habitat ecology; population ecology; impacts of anthropogenic pressure and climate change on wildlife and their habitats; human-wildlife conflicts;

Current Projects

  National Mission on Sustaining the Himalayan Ecosystem – Task Force IV
  National Mission on Himalayan Studies: Human-Wildlife Conflict Management in the Indian Himalayan Region
  SECURE Himalaya Project

Key Publications

    Pal, R., Thakur, S., Arya, S., Bhattacharya, T., & Sathyakumar, S. 2020. Mammals of the Bhagirathi basin, Western Himalaya: understanding distribution along spatial gradients of habitats and disturbances. Oryx, Cambridge University Press. https://doi.org/10.1017/S0030605319001352
    Naha, D., Dash, S.K, Chettri, Chauhdary, P., Sonker, G., Heurich, M. Rawat, G. S., and Sathyakumar, S., 2020.  Landscape predictors of human-leopard conflicts within multi-use areas of the Himalayan regon. Scientific Reports 10:11129 https://doi.org/10.1038/s41598-020-67980-w 
  Thakur, M., Fernandes, M., Singh, S.K., Vijh, R.K., Han, J., Wu, D, and Zhang, Y. 2018. Understanding the cryptic introgression and mixed ancestry of Red Junglefowl in India. PLoS ONE 13 (10): e0204351.  https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0204351
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  Sathyakumar, S. 2001.  Status and Management of Asiatic Black Bear and Brown Bear in India.  URSUS. Vol.12: 21-30.