Officer / Staff


All activities of WII are ably supported by an efficient team of staff with diverse academic/training background, and they are suitably placed in various Sections/Departments of WII. A list of contact persons are given below, and they can be reached on their respective extension number (through the main line: +91 135-2640111-112).

Section Name
Extn. Office Extn. Res
Director's Office Sh. M.P. Aggarwal, PS to DWII 102  
Office Staff 103  
Sh. Rajeev Thapa/Sh. Jyoti Prasad 104  
Dean's Office Sh. Ravindra Nath 180  
Registrar Office Sh. Kehar Singh, PA 245  
Administration Section Sh. P.K. Aggarwal, Deputy Registrar 110  
Sh. Narendra Aggarwal 115  
Smt. T.K. Ahuja, S.O. 117  
Sh. A.S. Rawat, S.O., Store Keeper 129  
Sh. A.K. Dubey, A.D. (OL), Rajbhasha 127  
Admin. Staff 250  
Sh. Pyarchand, Despatch Section 118  
Record Room 250  
Finance and Accounts
Smt. Baljeet Kaur, Finance Officer 122  
Sh. Kharak Singh, S.O. 176  
Smt. T.K. Ahuja 176  
Accounts Staff 125  
Smt. Shakuntala Devi, S.O./Off. Staff 149  
Sh.P.B.Thapa/Sh.Harikrishan 124  
Sh. Rajeev Gupta 265  
Field Technical Office Sh. Mahesh Tyagi, F.T.O. 131  
F.T.O. Staff 132
Sh. Mahesh Tyagi, Engineering Cell Sh. Mahesh Tyagi, S.T.O. 148  
Maintenance Section Smt. Anita Pahwa, S.O. 134  
Animal Ecology & Conservation Biology Department Conservation Genetics Laboratory
Sh. Gyanesh Chibber
Ecodev. Planning & Participatory Mgmt. Deptt. P.A. Room 481  
Endangered Species Management Deptt. Sh. Vinay Sharma 406  
Habitat Ecology Deptt. Herbarium (Sh. P.L. Saklani) 256  
Teaching Lab. (Sh. Vinod Thakur) 237  
Analytical Lab.(Sh. Ajay Sharma) 231  
Research Lab. 475  
Landscape Level Planning and Management Department Lab, 471  
Protected Area Network, Wildlife Management and Conservation Education Department Sh. Kuldeep Chauhan 257  
Wildlife Health Management Department Sh. Virendra Sharma 258  
Academic Cell Sh. Rajiv Mehta, Academic Officer 116  
Sh. P.K. Mukherjee 482  
Smt. Padma Rani/Off. Staff 209  
Audio'Visual & Wildlife Extension Cell Sh. K.K. Shrivastava, Editor 253  
Sh. Vinod Verma 252  
Sh. Kuldeep Chauhan 257  
Environmental Impact Assessment Cell Sh. Narinder Singh Bist 225  
ENVIS/MEE/BIOFIN Project Ms. Sonika Karmakar
Sh. Jyoti Prasad Nautiyal
Dr. Nasim Ahmad Ansari
Captive Breeding and Zoo Mgmt. Cell - 456  
IT and RS & GIS Cell Sh. Rajesh Thapa, System Manager 137  
  Dr. Panna Lal 279  
  Sh. V.Sukumar 146  
  Dr. Manoj Kumar Agarwal 144  
  Sh. Lekh Nath Sharma 145  
  Sh. Dinesh Singh Pundir 138  
  Smt. Alka Aggarwal 174  
  Dr. J.S. Kathayat 143  
  DTP Room (Sh. Virendra Sharma) 140  
  Server Room 404  
  Computer Users Room 141  
  GIS/RS Room 142  
  Sh. V. Rajkumar/Comp. AMC Engineers 159  
Wildlife Forensics Cell
Forensics Laboratory  235  
Sh. C.P. Sharma/Lab.Staff 183  
Ganga Project (GACMC)
Research Personnel
Admn Staff
Finance (Sh. Rahul Gupta)
Research Coordination Cell Research Coordinator 251  
  Asstt. Research Coordinator 203  
  Sh. Neeraj Gupta 272  



Smt. Sunita Agarwal, Librarian 151  
Smt. Sunita Agarwal 153
Photocopy Room 155
Reception 157


Porta Cabin 242
New Auditorium 108/133
Driver’s Room 164
Old Hostel 160/166
D.G. Set (Utility Service) 169
Security (Main Gate) 171/172
Security (Block III) 173
UNESCO Centre Sh. Niraj Kakati
Dr. Bhumesh S. Bhadouri
Dr. Anukul Nath
Dr. Chitiz Joshi
Ms. Shilpi Singh
Sh. Vivek Sarkar
Sh. Dhruv Verma
Sh. Kehar Singh, Admn. Officer
Sh. Rajiv Gupta, Finance Officer
Sh. Rajeev Thapa, I.T. Officer
Smt. Poonam Sati, Office Assistant