Call for Case Studies : Climate Change Mitigation with Eco-DRR [Dates Extended]

Climate Change Mitigation with Special Focus on Eco-DRR strategies in
World Heritage Sites in Asia
A Case Study Compilation for IUCN World Conservation Congress 2020
Climate change has gained importance as the fastest growing threat to the well being of all living being . Heritage sites are also vulnerable to climate relates hazards and disasters. Any loss or deterioration to the site’s OUV would negatively impact local and national communities, both for their cultural importance, and for their socio-economic as well as ecological values. Existing national climate change adaptation plans usually may not include heritage expertise in their operations. It is therefore proposed that DRR solutions including ecosystem-based DRR (Eco-DRR) approaches that focus on Climate change adaptation are re-emphasized.
A Case Study compilation for all World Heritage Sites (inscribed and tentatively listed) in Asia is now being proposed with the following objectives:
  • To recognize and further articulate Climate change impacts with respect to cultural and natural heritage sites in Asia.
  • To collect case studies that exemplify the need to recognize traditional ecological knowledge systems, climate change adaptive measures , ECO-DRR strategies among others.
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