Dissemination and evaluation of technologies through networking of various institutes and organization of mountain ecosystem


Principal Investigator : Dr. Anil P Joshi, Himalayan Environmental Studies & Conservation Organization (HESCO), Dehradun and Dr. Ruchi Badola, Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun

Co-Principal Investigator : Dr S.A. Hussain (WII, Dr. Rakesh Kumar (HESCO) and Dr. Kiran Negi (HESCO)

Thrust Area : Rural Engineering & Technology Support Service

Project Area : Western Himalayas viz. J & K, HP and Uttarakhand

Objectives :

  • To promote the network between community and Research Institutes for technology delivery.
  • To organize technology delivery to community through volgas.
  • To provide appropriate technical and research and development inputs to the community
  • To identify gaps in technology for research institute.
  • To initiate periodical monitoring and workshop of network project.
  • To involve Govt. Development agencies for broader impact and policy issues.


  • Appointment of project personnel.
  • Detailed study of all the projects and sorting according to their thrust areas.
  • Identification of the indicators based on the objectives of the projects.
  • TIME LEARN website
  • TIME manual,brochure,magazines are prepared.
  • Preparation & planning workshop.
  • Field visits
Field visits by the experts Field visits by the experts
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