Wildlife Policy Research


Wildlife Policy Research

The aim of the Wildlife Policy Research Cell at Wildlife Institute of India is to coordinate research at regional, national and global levels to influence attitude, policies and practices towards the relationships between wildlife, environment and human society. The attitudinal changes will develop a better sense of trust and regulations to follow between governments, people, donors, NGOs and private sectors and also to implement activities mutually for society-wide resource development and utilization. The ongoing innovative investigation and monitoring of various policy and practices will bring out the gaps and redress the balance between enforcements and accountability to achieve better environmental governance..

Wildlife Policy ResearchObjectives
Innovative investigation and monitoring of legal frameworks related to forests and wildlife gaps in policy fronts, and disseminate research findings to the public, practitioners, academics and decision makers through publication, conferences and seminar and analyzing precedent setting legal cases on environment issues.

Nodal Officer : Dr. Monali Sen, Email: monali [at] wii [dot] gov [dot] in

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