About Wildlife Institute of India

About Wildlife Institute of IndiaEstablished in 1982, Wildlife Institute of India (WII) is an internationally acclaimed Institution, which offers training program, academic courses and advisory in wildlife research and management. The Institute is actively engaged in research across the breadth of the country on biodiversity related issues.

The Institute's idyllic campus that has been carefully developed to create state of the art infrastructure encourages scholarly work.

Latest Events / News

The WII-C2C for World Natural Heritage Management and Training for Asia and the Pacific Region organized a webinar on “Bastions of Conservation: Natural Heritage in the Asia Pacific” on Thursday, the 18th of November. In his extensive talk, the keynote speaker, Mr. Guy Debonnet, Chief of Unit – Natural Heritage, World Heritage Centre, UNESCO Paris began with the international significance of the Convention's 49th anniversary, before turning to examples on natural heritage from the Asia-Pacific. He provided an overview of the concept of Outstanding Universal Value (OUV), site reporting and monitoring mechanisms and the factors affecting the sites. The opening remarks by Dr. Dhananjai Mohan, Director, WII included the practical experiences of managing a WHS, whereas the activities of the centre was presented by Dr. Gautam Talukdar, Faculty In-Charge, WII-C2C. Approximately 50 persons attended and included a cross-section of countries of the Asia-Pacific and beyond including China, Thailand, Bangladesh, South Korea, Bhutan and the UK.

On Geography Week / GIS Day (15-19-Nov-2021), the WII-C2C for Natural Heritage Management in the Asia Pacific hosted a 2-day researcher led workshop "Appications of Geospatial Data in Natural Heritage Management" in a hybrid mode (offline and online). A large gathering consisting of 80 researchers and staff attended. On Day 1, the workshop included overview from Dr. Gautam Talukdar, Faculty In-Charge, WII-C2C; Dr. K. Ramesh, Nodal Officer IT, RS & GIS cell and Dr. Panna Lal, GIS In-Charge, briefed the attendees on the use of GIS, avenues for spatial thinking as well as the GIS facilities available to WII researchers and staff. Thereafter through a series of presentations, the basics of GIS (Mr. Amir Lone), available free courses on GIS (Mr. Anuranjan Roy), GIS for World Heritage Management (Dr. Chitiz Joshi), Geostatistics in Stream Networks (Ms. Aashna Sharma) and Application of Drone Technology (Mr. Ravindra and Mr. Ankit Zode), were learnt by the attendees for future applications to their own needs. Post lunch, a series of 2-3 minute lightning talks sent in by researchers in the field set the tone for the hands-on workshop on the Google Earth Engine by Ms. Sneha Pandey and Ms. Saumyata Srivastava. Day 02 also had its fair share of learning as participants got to apply Python (Mr. Venkanna), Circuitscape, Fragstat (Dr. Indranil Mondal) and Maxent/Biomod (Mr. Debanjan Sarkar & Dr. Anukul Nath) before concluding. This event has been now been conducted for 3 consecutive years led by researchers and Dr. Dhananjai Mohan, Director WII lauded the initiative.

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